Explaining the Translation of Mt. 19:9 by Dr. Leslie McFall

Dr. McFall granted permission to make the following 11 pages available from his e-book:

APPENDIX B, abstracted from his e‑book (11 august, 2014): AN EXPLANATION FOR THE AUTHOR’S LITERAL TRANSLATION OF MATTHEW 19:9


This is the link for his entire free e-book:

The Biblical Teaching on Divorce and Remarriage (Dr. McFall)


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2 responses to “Explaining the Translation of Mt. 19:9 by Dr. Leslie McFall

  1. Tim. I understand McFall’s interpretation that what we read today on the “exception clause” has presumably been altered by Erasmus. But even if the text was altered as McFall believes, the exception clause as written today does not afford a divorce of covenant marriage. I have understood the exception clause to be specific to betrothal which would put the case for divorce outside the lines of covenant marriage. In other words, a divorce from “fornication” would be equivalent to ending your engagement due to the fact that your spouse claimed to be a virgin prior to engagement, only to find out he or she was not prior to the consummation of the marriage. Regardless, either interpretation rejects divorce from covenant marriage becasue the law of marriage is as it was in the beginning. (Gen 2:24) Just curious of your thought on the matter, as you seem to be pro-McFall.

    In Christ’s love,



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