Dr. McFall: Audio of Matthew 19:9



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4 responses to “Dr. McFall: Audio of Matthew 19:9

  1. I am so grateful to find this teaching. I have been divorced by an adultering, abusive husband five years ago. (I tried desperately to hold our marriage together-but finally after discovering he was in another affair – didn’t try to stop him from filing for divorce because “if an unbelieving spouse wants to depart – let him depart). I will not date or seek another marriage because although the “world” says I have every right and Matthew 19:9 gives me an exception – my spirit tells me otherwise. I know this is a correct teaching. I have been praying for an answer since 2009 (9 years ago) when I first discovered my husband’s affairs. Jesus calls us to do hard things – I will continue to pray for my husband (who is dating a woman 1/2 his age)- but I myself will remain single. I am grateful to Dr. McFall’s teaching.


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