You Can’t Undo God’s Glue (Mt. 19:4-6)

By Timothy Sparks


Jesus says that a man will leave his father and mother and “will be joined with his wife and the two will become into one flesh” (Mt. 19:5; Vincent notes, “Lit., ‘into one flesh’”).1  The Greek word translated “will be joined” is from κολλάω (kollaō) which means, “to glue, or weld together.”2  God’s “glue” is so strong that no matter the effort exerted, humans cannot undo God’s glue.

Some maintain that humans can divide, through the action of divorce, what God united. “Divorce” is “the action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage.”3  Jesus uses the term translated “divorce” (Mt. 19:8) to describe the human action of dismissal, not the action of dividing the one flesh union created by God.

God does not give humans the ability to divide into two what he unites into one (Mt. 19:6). Consider the union of the egg and sperm. Once God unites the two into one, humans cannot divide that union back into the original egg and sperm. In the same way, human divorce cannot divide back into the original two what God united into one. The two, once united, will never be two again (Mt. 19:4-6).4

The Pulpit Commentary similarly states, “In marriage there is a moral and physical union, so that two persons become virtually one being. Originally, man contained woman in himself before she was separated from him; she was a corporeal unity with man; or, as others put it, man, as a race, was created male and female, the latter being implicitly contained in the former; the previous unity is thus asserted. In marriage this unity is acknowledged and continued.”5  While some believe they have the means and ability to divide God’s one flesh union back into the original two, the truth remains, “You Can’t Undo God’s Glue.”


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